May 12, 2009

OpenSplice DDS v4.1 Open Source - What's coming up?

Although I am sure that the Open Source release of OpenSplice DDS was noticed by most of you I am equally sure that many of you are wondering what is going to come next. I've discussed the content of the upcoming "source-drops" in my latest webcast, but perhaps it is worth sharing it on the blog as well. 

Before going into the details of what will be available next and when it will be available, it might be worth to spend a few words on the version numbering scheme we are using for the OpenSplice DDS Community edition. The version numbering will be pretty straightforward and will be made of MAJOR.MINOR.YYMMDD where MAJOR is the major version, MINOR (always>0) is the minor version and YYMMDD is the date for the beta incremental release.

Thus as an example the current version is v4.1 is the first v4 major release (notice that MINOR is never 0). The next release will be as follows:

  • DDSI/RTPS [beta]
  • Visual Configuration Tool
  • mmstat (shared memory tool)
  • Support for Windows 
  • Support for Visual Studio Express 2005
  • Unicast Communication for OpenSplice DDS Native Networking
  • C# API [beta]
  • Linux 64bit support
  • C# API 
Thus as you can see there are a lot of goodies coming up in the next few months.