Jul 15, 2009

DDS Interoperability Demonstrated

Yesterday afternoon, precisely at 15.30 US ET time the interoperability between different DDS vendors was once again demonstrated. Thanks to a very successful demonstration, OpenSplice DDS is now the first and only Open Source DDS implementation providing interoperability!

A set of slides describing the scenarios that were demonstrated is available here.


Jul 14, 2009

The DDS Interoperability Demo - Reloaded

In a few hours we are going to demonstrate interoperability between different DDS implementations, namely PrismTech's OpenSplice DDS, RTI's DDS, and TwinOaks CoreDX.

This time I'll be demonstrating the interoperability of OpenSplice DDS Community Edition, namely the Open Source version of OpenSplice DDS.

More later.


Jul 12, 2009

The OMG Real-Time Workshop

Following a tradition established over the course of many years, the OMG Real-Time Workshop goes live again tomorrow. The 2009 edition (see http://bit.ly/vcGCd) is strongly centered around DDS, showing how this technology is really picking and quickly walking the path toward becoming the next big thing.

The first day of the Workshop, Monday the 13th, will be full dedicated to Tutorial and will features:

  • OMG DDS Tutorial (full day)
  • UML Profile for DDS Tutorial (Half Day)
  • UML profile for Modeling and Analysis of Real-time and Embedded systems (Half Day)

I'll be giving the DDS Tutorial along with Gerardo Pardo and the UML for DDS Tutorial with Sam Mancarella.

The second and third day of the Workshop, namely Tue 14th and Wed 15th, will be dedicated to paper presentations and the DDS Interoperability Demonstration.

If you want to see the full list of papers check out http://bit.ly/vcGCd I'll try to write up the most interesting things that will be happening.