Mar 19, 2009

The UML Profile for DDS goes Live!

This week, after circa 6 month from when the OMG recommended the UML Profile for DDS (UML4DDS), Sparx has made available a full implementation of this profile. This is a great news for all DDS users; now they have access to a great and affordable tool which will allow them to completely model DDS applications in UML. What I believe users will find fantastic is how the UML4DDS and the Sparx EA Tool make it very natural to work with the DLRL layer of DDS (see previous posts on DLRL and Hibernate). Many users, by seeing the UML4DDS will eventually realize that DLRL is the most natural way of using DDS from Object Oriented Languages, and certainly the most natural way of modeling DDS applications in UML.

DDS Interoperability Demo at the DC OMG Meeting

The next 25th of March, at the Washington DC OMG Meeting, PrismTech, RTI, and TwinOaks, will demonstrate on-the-wire interoperability between their DDS implementations. This is an important step toward proving that OMG DDS compliant implementations can interoperate and yet exchange real-time data without loosing performance or QoS and without introducing single point of failures.
This capability is quite distinct especially when compared with other technologies such as JMS for which on-the-wire interoperability is not an option and for which interoperability has to be achieved by means of bridges that along with introducing performance overhead also introduce single point of failures--often not acceptable in business- and mission-critical applications.

BTW, at the upcoming OMG Meeting there will be also some interesting discussions around the C++ PSM for DDS and the Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types, thus one reason more to be there.