Feb 2, 2009

Sharing Slides

Hello All,

I've just signed up with slideshare.com and from now on most of the slides on DDS or OpenSplice DDS will be available here . For the time being I've uploaded the presentation that explains the vision behind the Open Source launch of OpenSplice DDS, and which also covers the new product structure.

Below is also a neat widget that can be used to check out the various slides I'll be uploading.


1 comment:

Naveen said...


have seen your presentation on DLRL but was not quite clear about the mismatch you talk about. Can you give some specific example clearly showing why we need DLRL.

Secondly, how much does powertools support me in my development. In addition to building applications using DDS, it is also important for to manage my requirements, change, configuration etc in any large scale software project. SO how does power tools integrate with other well known tools for achieving this? Or is there some other way of doing it?