Mar 19, 2009

DDS Interoperability Demo at the DC OMG Meeting

The next 25th of March, at the Washington DC OMG Meeting, PrismTech, RTI, and TwinOaks, will demonstrate on-the-wire interoperability between their DDS implementations. This is an important step toward proving that OMG DDS compliant implementations can interoperate and yet exchange real-time data without loosing performance or QoS and without introducing single point of failures.
This capability is quite distinct especially when compared with other technologies such as JMS for which on-the-wire interoperability is not an option and for which interoperability has to be achieved by means of bridges that along with introducing performance overhead also introduce single point of failures--often not acceptable in business- and mission-critical applications.

BTW, at the upcoming OMG Meeting there will be also some interesting discussions around the C++ PSM for DDS and the Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types, thus one reason more to be there.



Guninder said...

Is this Demo really on? As I heard from one of RTI's Principal App Specialists that this is not going to happen as PrismTech is yet to come forward with its part- What is the real story

Angelo said...

I am not sure why this was said by the RTI's Principal App Specialist, especially since we've been working with RTI and TwinOaks to ensure interoperability. However what I can tell you is that the demo is going to happen. Hope to see you there!

Naveen said...

Is this demo going to be available for public release for the benefit of those who cannot attend this demo.

Naveen said...

What happened at the DDS interoperabitliy demo? I believe it went off very well.can you please update?

Angelo said...

Hello Naveen, I had made a post right after the demo but I see now that it did not show up. Then I was traveling back in Europe and did not have much time to followup. In any case, I'll make a new post that gives some details and also upload the slides that describe the scenarios that were demonstrated. Cheers, Angelo