Jun 22, 2009

Back from India

I spent the whole past week in India across Delhi and Banagalore giving several OpenSplice DDS presentations. I've always been extremely fascinated by India, when I was a kid it was for me the land of mystery, the land in which people could do amazing things; while growing as a teenager I was fascinated by philosophy at the foundation of Hinduism and Buddhism--yet, for one reason or another, I had not yet been in India. This first visit in India was fantastic from all perspective. From a technical perspective OpenSplice DDS presentations were very well attended by an extremely bright audience, which was also one of the most lively and inquisitive I've encountered in years. From a human perspective the experience was very enriching as I had a chance to live and breath the peacefulness and loyalty irradiating from most of the people I met. Thus, once again I'd like to thank all the people that took the time to come and listen to my presentations, that showed me around, and helped me in understanding more about this very fascinating country.


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