Jun 10, 2010

Living in a world of self-proclaimed world leaders

It's some time I don't post on this blog, not so much because I've not had much to say. Anyway, here we are, although it is 21h38 Paris time, I am just done with my second Webcast on "Building Distributed Systems in Scala with OpenSplice DDS" (see http://bit.ly/9A8ew1) and I've not yet had dinner -- I just saw something that is way to funny and could not resist sharing my thoughts.

Well, don't know how you take "self-proclamation" but personally I find it funny not to say a bit ridiculous. People or companies coming up and saying "I am the world best whatever", or "I am the world leader in whatever" just sounds funny to me. Maybe this is cultural, as in my country we believe that it is up to the others to establish if you are the best. As such, the only one who takes the liberty of "self-proclamating" himself (or I should say itself) as the best is Silvio Berlusconi... He, believe it or not, "self-proclaimed" himself the best Prime Minister of the Italian history... I hope that Alcide De Gasperi did not hear him :-)

Anyway, I saw that the habit and attitude toward of "self-proclamation" is spreading (perhaps it is infectious) and after becoming insensitive to those who proclaim themselves as "DDS World Leader" now I saw those who just decided to self-graduate into "Small Footprint DDS world leader".

Don't worry, I am not envy of all these world leaders that seem to appear like mushrooms, and don't worry we won't self-proclaim ourself into anything. Yet, I wonder how these people score in Geography. I start to suspect that their view of the world might be slightly skewed or constrained to a small fraction for the entire globe.


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